Denise Richards: Source Says Sheen Hasn't Seen His Daughters In "Months"

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Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen have been lighting up the internet with a nasty (and sometimes confusing) feud that began over Father's Day weekend.

Sheen slammed ex-wife Denise Richards in a Twitter rant that has since been deleted, but began with a tweet that read, "Brooke M is a sexy star whom I adore; D Richards a heretic washed-up piglet Shame pile. Happy Father's Day."

After that Denise Richards became the subject of an "open letter to the media" that Sheen posted calling her, among other things, "a shake down piece of s--- doosh phace & worse mom alive" and "A despicable charlatan who sux ISIs a--."

In true Charlie Sheen style his insults, while creative, were barely coherent.

Denise Richards took the high road in a tweet that seemed to address his rampage, and has also since been deleted. It read, "@charliesheen have a great trip in Mexico. Kids were disappointed u weren't here for it- Hey we'll celebrate when u r back!"

Eloise turned 4 yesterday! Best day celebrating..@scoutmasterson @thebillhorn @disneyland

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Charlie Sheen's press agent then released a statement defending Sheen's rage at Denise Richards, saying, "Charlie was upset and chose to express his displeasure through his Twitter rant."

Ballard explained that Sheen was angry that Denise Richards decided not to bring their two daughters Sam, 11, and Lola, 10, to spend Father's Day in Mexico where Sheen was.

Then, Denise Richards tweeted this accusation:

Now, a source close to Denise Richards has revealed to People, "Charlie hasn't seen his daughters in about two months. And he had no plans to be in town for Father's Day. There was no invite for Denise or the kids for them to join him in Mexico."

Love my girls

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The source continued, "Denise is doing her best to take the high road. Her number one concern is her children. She knows that they are at the age where they could become aware of anything being said or written about them or their family, and she's trying to protect them."

What do you think about this crazy feud between Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen?

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