Demi Moore Gives Mila Kunis Advice


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Demi Moore, 51, is reportedly upset after rumors have surfaced that her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher is expecting a baby with his girlfriend Mila Kunis.

Moore married the Two and a Half Men star in 2005. In 2011, they separated following allegations that Kutcher was cheating with Sara Leal, a 22-year-old administrative assistant . Their divorce was finalized in November, 2013.

Since then, Kutcher has been romantically involved with his former That 70s Show co-star Mila Kunis. She was recently spotted wearing a diamond ring on her left hand, which instantly started other rumors that she and Kutcher were engaged.

Sources close to Moore revealed that she is "heart-broken" over the news, and even more upset that Kutcher didn't have the decency to tell her the news himself before it broke.

"Demi is distraught," a source revealed. "During their marriage, Ashton and Demi were never on the same page about starting a family. She wanted to have children with him, but he was never ready."

"It's a real kick in the teeth that he's now starting a family with Mila," the source continued. "Ashton didn't even have the courtesy to get in touch with Demi to let her know that Mila is pregnant and they were announcing the news. This would have given her the chance to get out of town while the news broke."

Moore recently heeded a warning to Kunis, telling her to watch out for Kutcher, especially when he spends nights away from home. "Mila and Demi have always got on OK. But that all deteriorated when Demi told Mila she mustn't take any nonsense from Ashton - and that she should be wary of every time he spends the night away from home. It made Mila feel awful," another source said.

Do you think Moore has a right to be upset, or is she just being a bitter ex-wife? Leave your comments below.

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