Demi Lovato World Tour: Singer Pulls Fast One on Adam Lambert, Why?

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Demi Lovato reportedly pulled a fast one on Adam Lambert. Set to tour with Demi Lovato, Lambert's people were working on last minute details like stage lighting and billing, when the "Cool for the Summer" singer suddenly replaced him with Nick Jonas.

Last week Demi Lovato was supposed to announce her upcoming world tour, but delayed the announcement. Now it's crystal clear as to why.

It seems Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato are under the same management, and their manager wanted Nick Jonas to go on tour. Therefore, Demi Lovato was "convinced" (do you suppose she was coerced?) into dropping Adam Lambert and picking up Jonas as her opening act.

Adam Lambert feels betrayed--as well he should. TMZ reports that he and Demi Lovato have had words--no doubt angry ones--over the sudden cancellation.

A source for Lambert calls the situation "very unprofessional and unethical."

Nick Jonas is very popular right now, and it seems his and Demi Lovato's management team want him out in public while he's hot. Having him open for Demi Lovato would put him in front of the right kind of crowds.

It will be interesting to learn if Adam Lambert can take legal recourse against Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas's management team for axing him at the last minute.

Do you think Demi Lovato is simply the scapegoat for this uncomfortable situation? Is it instead her manager who is to blame for replacing Adam Lambert with Nick Jonas for Demi Lovato's world tour?

Kimberly Ripley
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