Demi Lovato Shuts Down Speculation of Ariana Grande Shade: 'Stop the Bull***t'

Pam WrightLife

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Demi Lovato shut down rumors of a rift between her and Ariana Grande in a blunt Twitter post on Sunday.

Over the weekend, some fans wondered if Lovato was trying to take a stand by singing Made in the USA Saturday night at the 2015 MLB All-Star Game in Cincinnati in the wake of DonutGate.

Lovato performed her 2013 single during the slot she took over for Ariana Grande, who was recovering from wisdom teeth surgery.

It would be easy to assume Demi Lovato's choice of the patriotic song was a shade against Grande, who took flack for her remarks about America. Demi's question, "How many of you guys are proud to be an American?" didn't really help matters.

However, Lovato said the song was in no way tied to Ariana Grande and she made that crystal clear in her tweets.

Guess her tweet cleared up that matter.

Also on Sunday, Demi Lovato posted a sexy Instagram pic encouraging body-conscious women to embrace their curves.

Pam Wright