Demi Lovato Shores Selena Gomez After Bieber Arrest

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Demi Lovato has spent time shoring up best friend Selena Gomez since Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach earlier this week. Lovato reports that Selena is a very strong young woman and will no doubt be just fine regardless of her affection for the As Long As You Love Me singer.

The two young women were spotted having dinner together in L.A. on Friday, with Demi sporting her new hot pink hairdo.

"We're really, really close," Lovato told Ryan Seacrest during an interview on his radio show. "And any advice I had for her, we talked last night and—you know—it's between us. But I love her so much."

The two girls actually lived together as children--along with their moms--when they were first getting their start in Hollywood. The families rented a shared apartment to keep costs down and afford the opportunities for their daughters to share their talents with the world.

"We have an incredible friendship," Demi told Seacrest of her relationship with Selena Gomez. "Selena "is strong! She's doing really well right now!"

Demi added that Selena is looking great despite the stress she is currently under.

"She's doing really well right now and I'm really happy for her," Demi said.

It's six of one and a half dozen of the other as to whether Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are/were involved in a relationship when he was arrested earlier this week. Some sources say the two have been back together as boyfriend and girlfriend for months now, while others say they're just really good friends. Who knows? (Well, Demi Lovato probably does.) Either way Selena doesn't want to see Justin go any further down the path he's traveling on because she genuinely cares about his well being.

Selena Gomez is blessed to have a friend like Demi Lovato, but it seems it definitely goes both ways with these two former Disney starlets. Selena is supportive of her friend who, as most everyone knows, battles many demons of her own, and often has to rely on the help of those around her to stay on a straight and sober path.

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