Demi Lovato Rocks New Half-Shaved Head Hairstyle


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Demi Lovato has opted for a radical change! It looks like the "Neon Lights" singer has taken to drastic measures to shake up her appearance by shaving one side of her head!

According to E! News, the singer started taking small strides toward a new makeover when she dyed her hair neon pink back in January for the kickoff of the Neon Lights tour. However, changing her hair color obviously wasn't enough.

So, she's kicked it up a notch, shaving part of her hair on the left side. Once the deed was done, the 21-year-old singer took to Twitter to share the end result with her 21 million followers.

Lovato posted a series of pictures recounting the big chop of her tresses.

The first picture captured her shaved off, hot pink hair extensions and the set of red clippers used for the job. The caption for the picture read, "So…This happened…Oops."

Then, she shared another picture revealing the new look. The caption said, "IDGAF #NEONLIGHTSTOUR." IDGAF is, of course, short for "I don't give a f--k." Shaved hair, don't care!"

The new and improved, edgy look is quite befitting for the former X Factor judge. Her fans also weighed in with their reactions to her new look. Judging from the massive number of laudatory tweets, its definitely safe to say they are in love with the new hairstyle.

As soon as the pictures hit her timeline, so did the comments. Then, the pictures began circulating around the social media network. So, far Lovato has received more than an estimated 200,000 re-tweeted for all four of the pictures collectively. The fans definitely love Demi Lovato!

Image via Demi Lovato, Facebook