Demi Lovato and Kathy Griffin Feud On Twitter

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Have you ever heard of a Lovatic?

It's people who really, really love the singer Demi Lovato, and if you say something bad about her they'll come after you in the worst kind of way.

That's exactly what happened to comedian Kathy Griffin after she made a comment about Lavato that riled her fans all the way up.

It started when Lovato said something about Lady Gaga's much talked about puke performance, where Gaga had someone throw-up on her while on stage. Lovato slammed the stunt and said the Applause singer was glamorizing eating disorders.

Now this is where Griffin comes in:

Via Twitter, one of her followers asked Griffin who was the biggest douche celebrity she ever met, and this is how Griffin responded: "Probably Debbie Lovato. Plus, she should calm the f down about Lady Gaga getting barfed on." Griffin also called the young singer by the wrong name.

From there Lovato responded and wrote "[I'm] only a douche to people I can't stand," but she quickly deleted it. However, it was way too late, the Lovatics already got a glimpse of it, and they immediately sent Griffin some of the worst messages you'll read like, "I really hope you commit suicide tonight." And that was one of the tamer ones.

But it didn't take too long for Lavato to see the vicious tweets and tell her teenage troops to calm down. She also chastised them a little for being so cruel.

"I love you guys so much but yall gotta chill with sending hate towards other people,"she wrote. "Regardless of what they say or do."

"The cruel things some of you are saying can really, really hurt people," she added. "It's called cyber-bullying and somethings should never be wished upon, ever, no matter what. It makes me so sad to see how mean people can really be after all I've spoken about anti-bullying. Be an example for other haters. I know my Lovatics are better than that. I really appreciate you guys always having my back, but this is going way too far."

So far the comedian hasn't responded to the harsh tweets, but she did re-tweet some of them, and if Griffin's fans are lucky they'll get a stand-up routine from all of this in the near future.

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