Dellen Millard's Farm Being Searched for Missing Woman


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Police have completed the third day of a search of Dellen Millard, the accused murderer's farm. Police returned to the farm to investigate further after new information pointed to Millard in the disappearance of Laura Babcock last year.

28-year-old, Millard, is accused along with his friend, 25-year-old, Mark Smich, of the murder of Bosma, a 32-year-old Ancaster man, Tim Bosma. The pair allegedly took Bosma for a test drive of his Dodge pickup truck in May. Bosma did not return from the drive. His remains, which had been burned, were found on Millard's farm. Millard is also a possible suspect in his father's death. It was reported that he allegedly shot himself last year, but now police are re-examining the case.

Now, the focus has turned back to Millard and his farm as the search continues for 24-year-old, Babcock. It is reported that Millard and Babcock were involved in a sexual relationship and that she had been in contact with him shortly before her disappearance.

Around the same time that Babcock disappeared, an employee of Millard's aviation company purchased a portable livestock incinerator, which was later seized by the police. Lori Ryan, Babcock's aunt says that the timing of her nieces disappearance and the purchase of the incinerator, “too fishy.” She feared that the police returning to the farm was somehow connected with her niece. “I believe they’re looking for Laura – and I’m sorry [if] they’re looking for Laura,” she said.

Police have been focusing their search on an old rusted barn that sits on the property. They have also been digging and sifting through the tall weeds and grass. So far, nothing has been discovered. Staff Inspector, Greg McLane, says, “We’re looking for evidence . . . to corroborate information we’ve received.”

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