Dell Introduces Intel Xeon Processors into PowerEdge Servers

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Dell announced today they are beginning to integrate the latest Intel Xeon processor E3-1200 v2 product family into their enterprise PowerEdge microserver. The processors feature up to 1.95x more performance than previous versions.

Forrest Norrod, vice president and general manager of Dell Server Solutions comments on their current enterprise server lineup:

“We’re constantly inspired by the unique ways our customers are leveraging Dell microserver platforms to drive specialized web 2.0, HPC and cloud computing applications,”

“As the microserver market and ecosystem have matured, customers like Vibrant Media have validated that microservers are a cost-effective, scalable platform in web 2.0 environments.”

Dell reports on significant accomplishments from customers who are using their PowerEdge C5220 micro servers:

* Morphlabs leverages the PowerEdge C5220 for its mCloud Rack Enterprise Edition to provide optimized levels of fault tolerance in extremely elastic configurations. This is a critical component for Morphlabs to deliver its private cloud, allowing service provider partners to offer dynamic infrastructure services characterized by atomic, highly elastic computes for predictable and fast quality of service.

* An online media group deployed PowerEdge C5220 servers to help reduce cost and drive growth. Today, each server supports up to 50 percent more users than the group’s previous servers and the company has consolidated its server footprint by a ratio of up to 4:1, while supporting a classic Web 2.0 software infrastructure consisting of Linux, Apache, MySQL™ and PHP software.

* A leading company in data processing and imaging services for the oil and gas industry uses the PowerEdge C5220 to run its software for advanced seismic data processing and imaging.

Here's what they have for recent Updates to the PowerEdge C5220 Server line:

* New Intel Xeon processor E3-1200 v2 product family including 17 Watt and 45 Watt TDPs designed to deliver up to 1.95x more performance within the same rack, compared to the previous generation of microservers based on Intel Xeon processors.
Up to 50 percent increased density versus the previous generation of microservers.
Fast data access with DDR3-1600 memory speeds to help improve performance for data bandwidth sensitive applications.

* Key server features like ECC memory, 64-bit processing, Intel® VT-x, and full software compatibility.

* Shared power and cooling resources that can use a fraction of the energy of traditional server offerings.

Jason Waxman, General Manager of Cloud Computing at Intel comments on the addition of their processors in Dell's enterprise server line:

“We’ve been innovating with Dell on breakthrough microserver solutions based on Intel Xeon processors since establishing the category at Intel Developer Forum in 2009. Today we are excited to see new customers using Dell systems and taking advantage of the most power efficient Xeon processors ever delivered across a broader variety of workloads,”

“The latest Dell microservers with 22nm Intel Xeon processors will enable customers to further reduce costs while processing workloads which benefit from high density configurations.”

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