Dell Confirms Interest In Google Chrome

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One of the largest computer manufacturers in the world is quite interested in Google's operating systems, according to a representative.  A Dell exec in fact indicated today that his company is in talks with Google and wants to help break new ground.

Google ChromeAmit Midha, President for Greater China and South Asia at Dell, told Reuters, "We have to have a point of view on the industry and technology direction two years, three years down the road, so we continuously work with Google on this."

He then continued, "There are going to be unique innovations coming up in the marketplace in two, three years, with a new form of computing, we want to be on that forefront . . . .  So with Chrome or Android or anything like that we want to be one of the leaders."

These comments help confirm the implications of a screenshot that surfaced last week.  Lee Mathews showed that there are files in the Chromium OS Git repository relating to Acer, Dell, and HP, but it was hard to be sure they weren't misleadingly named or the work of one random individual.

Now we just have to wait and see how long it takes Dell to reach a release date with whatever projects are in the works.  Although Midha's mentions of two- and three-year timeframes aren't encouraging, it may be that he was just speaking conservatively and trying not to spoil some official announcement.

The "forefront" and "leaders" statements hint at something occurring sooner rather than later, at least.

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