Definitive, 10-Minute Far Cry 3 Trailer Released


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In case you've missed the more than one dozen trailers Ubisoft has released covering every different aspect of Far Cry 3, the publisher is making sure gamers know just how good it believes the sandbox first person shooter is.

Today, another Far Cry 3 trailer hit the web. Nothing new, except this trailer is over 10 minutes long and covers everything revealed in the previous trailers. The YouTube description of the video even contains and index breaking down the different topics. The chapter headings include Vacation in Paradise, The North Island Factions, The South Island Factions, Vast Island Playground, Guns & Weapons, Outposts & Towers, Animals & Hunting, Crafting & Skills, Extreme Travel, Mini-Games, Competitive Multiplayer, Co-Op Campaign, and Welcome to the Rook Islands.

The video is also peppered with blurbs from some of the glowing reviews the game has already received. If, after viewing this trailer, gamers still can't decide whether or not Far Cry 3 is the type of game they are interested in, it won't be for lack of Ubisoft marketing efforts.