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"Decade Of Hotness" is a prestigious honor presented by Spike TV's Guy's Choice Awards, and this year the coveted trophy went to veteran actress/hot lady Sandra Bullock.

The 49-year old accepted the award on Saturday night flanked by three of her hot costars--Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant, and Keanu Reeves--and was given a sash, crown, and an armful of roses like a beauty queen.

Reeves, who worked with Bullock in 1994's Speed, gushed about the actress for so long on stage that Hugh Grant made fun of him later. As for the woman of the evening? She proved she's not just a pretty face by delivering an eloquent speech peppered with humor, then had fun later in the night being silly with her three leading men.

"I feel like I'm at my funeral. Decade of Hotness…My question was what decade? I have several under my belt. It should really be Decade of Hot Mess. That I can own and I do that well and I'm still convinced I'm up here because someone dropped out and they needed someone quickly and we know I'm home on Saturdays. I'd like to thank the Guys Choice Awards for this—the horns. How many people hold this up and say, 'I'm so horny!' I'd like to thank you for this honor. This is an amazing slingshot for a 49-year-old. I'd like to thank every hairstylist and makeup artist for creating the illusion because I didn't look like this a couple hours ago…I'm just one of the luckiest girls I know and three of the people I'm just so crazy about are right next to me," she said.

McConaughey, who won over a whole new fan base with his performance in this year's True Detective, was also honored at the ceremony with the Guy Of The Year award. He named the fairer sex in his speech, giving them a shoutout for inspiring his hard work.

"Thank you. Well, all right, all right, all right. I dug all those roles I thought they were great guys, great Americans. While I'm here I wanna give a shout-out as a guy to all the women in our lives. The women who challenge us…talking about our wives, talking about our sisters, talking about our mothers and even our daughters. Thank y'all for letting us show off for you. We do our best," he said.

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