Dead Rising 3's Final DLC is Out Today


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Microsoft's Xbox One exclusive launch games had a bit of everything for mature gamers. Forza Motorsport 5 brought the requisite launch driving game, Dead Rising 3 provided the zombies and action that gamers love, and Ryse threw in a bit of historical fantasy. Considering Ryse's poor reviews and Forza's microtransaction debacle, however, Dead Rising 3 could easily be considered the stand-out.

Dead Rising 3 has also been the best supported Xbox One launch exclusive, with Capcom regularly providing item and story add-ons for the title at a rapid clip. Today Capcom released the third and final Dead Rising 3 story DLC related to its "Untold Stories of Los Perdidos" storyline.

The content can now be purchased through the Xbox Games Store on the Xbox One and costs $10. The DLC is also included in the season pass for Dead Rising 3 and fans who have purchased the season pass can now download it.

The latest chapter is called "The Last Agent" and features a story that reveals a bit more about how the zombie outbreak in the Dead Rising universe began. Players will take control of a ZDC agent named Brad Park who will somehow discover secrets about the outbreak.

The DLC also, of course, includes new locations, new playable characters, new missions, a new vehicle, and new weapons. A few of these new extras can be seen in the launch trailer for "The Last Agent."

"The Last Agent" is the third story in the "Untold Stories of Los Perdidos" tale. Other related stories include "Operation Broken Eagle" and "Fallen Angel." "Operation Broken Eagle" features a classically ridiculous story in which a Spec Ops commander must fight his way through zombies to rescue the President of the United States. "Fallen Angel" tells the story of a woman named Angel who battles both zombies and government forces.