Daylight Saving Time: Is It Slowly Going Away?

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Daylight saving time seems to be very unpopular these days.

While many people don't mind resetting their clocks twice a year, or just keeping track of which half of the year their clocks are correct, many do.

The animosity toward daylight saving time has sparked a couple of states this year to introduce legislation to have it abolished.

These states wish to join the likes of Arizona and Hawaii, who don't have to deal with it.

Idaho, for one, just might be on the road to ridding themselves of daylight saving time.

Idaho's House Ways and Means Committee, made up of exclusively legislative leadership, has already voted 4-2 to advance the bill on Wednesday.

However, the bill to eliminate daylight saving time isn't in the clear yet. In fact, it has already failed a couple of times before.

In New Mexico, a bill just passed in the Senate to eliminate daylight saving time.

Senator Cliff Pirtle, who is also a regional farmer, wrote the bill. He says daylight saving time is not necessary because farmers work from sun up until sun down no matter what the clock says.

The bill will now go to the Senate Judiciary Committee. If it passes, New Mexico will not "spring forward" on March 8th with the rest of us.

What is your opinion on daylight saving time?

Do you like it or do you think it is a ridiculous hassle?

Lacy Langley
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