Dawnguard Trailer: Skyrim DLC Is On The Way

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The unending game that is Skyrim is getting more content soon (making it even more unending-er?), and to officially celebrate the upcoming occasion, Bethesda Studios has released the first trailer for the DLC known as Dawnguard, which leads this post. It's a cutscene-fest of a trailer that gives us a good glimpse of what's to come for the superior game.

As you may have noticed, the content is coming to the Xbox environment first, a point of some consternation for a few YouTube commenters. More on that in a moment. From the looks of the footage, it looks a vampires-versus-vampire-hunters story is the central theme, which promises new skillsets, abilities, and weapons. And then there's the dragon going into the frozen lake, or, as one Reddit member put it:


Seeing how it's coming to the Xbox first, it only makes sense the Dawnguard DLC will not be free of charge. According to the Bethesda blog, it will cost 1600 Microsoft Points, otherwise known as $20. As for the release date, it remains unknown, with "this summer" being the only indicator. As hinted at earlier, the fact that Dawnguard is coming out on Xbox first is a topic of discussion in the YouTube comments, and it quickly became a PC-versus-console discourse. Some examples:

CoD is a bullshit series and the Xbox is a piece of shit.

Rasenin09 in reply to amauruss (Show the comment) 2 minutes ago 15 (likes)

Not sure what that has to do with anything but it's a great way to start things off.

PC > xbox & ps3


And now we're playing the feud.

Wow, wasn't expecting this at all! The "better with Kinect" part was a bit of a turn off, but...I can't wait to hear more! Hopefully PC and PS3 owners won't have to wait TOO long.

ShadowStarz83 9 minutes ago

Some rationality is offered:

PS3 and PC will get it later...but I agree, it sucks we have to wait.

ShadowStarz83 in reply to Joni1681 (Show the comment) 8 minutes ago 20 (likes)

It's pretty much what you'd expect. These next comments capture the mood about the fact that more Skyrim content is on the way:

Pants were shat.... all across the land.


Well put.

It's been a while since i commented on a youtube video, but HOLY SHIT!


That kind of logic is hard to argue with.

I'm sorry life, summer is going to have to wait.


Considering how hot it's getting outside, a summer spent playing around with new Skyrim content in an air conditioned room sounds pretty glorious.

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