David Schwimmer: 'Friends' Star in Right Place at Right Time

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David Schwimmer of Friends fame was in the right place at the right time this Memorial Day Weekend--or at least his security cameras were. Schwimmer's New York City residence is replete with several installed security cameras that keep watch on what is going on both inside and outside the actor's home. When a crime was committed near his home this weekend, he went to local authorities in an effort to help them solve it.

It seems a fight broke out around 6:00 AM on Monday between a man and a transgender prostitute. Reports say the customer refused to pay for services rendered and the 'escort' then tried to steal his computer as payment instead. The fight escalated all the way into a doorway at an apartment building adjacent to David Schwimmer's. The two actually went crashing through the lobby door.

A separate report indicates a third party was involved in the fight, too, and came in through the door at the apartment building during the altercation between the first two subjects. The third party reportedly tried to rob the first man involved. There is apparently some speculation that the third party was in cahoots with the transgender prostitute and planned the fight for the sake of the robbery from the start.

David Schwimmer called local authorities and invited them into his home to view the footage of the altercation. He even made the cops a copy of the footage to take back with them to the police department.

It's nice to see David Schwimmer in the news, although fans would likely have preferred it be for a Friends reunion instead. He hasn't been seem much since the popular series ended, however he did play himself during the sixth season of HBO's Entourage and has voiced the role of Melman in both Madagascar and Madagascar: Escape to Africa.

Maybe we'll soon see him in his own big city crime show now?

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