David Letterman Tells Jokes To Empty Theater

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Hurricane Sandy has had far-reaching effects along the East Coast, sending snow storms as far away as Kentucky and causing massive flooding in New York, Maine, and Maryland, among other states. Airports have been shut down and several areas in New York City have been evacuated, which explains why David Letterman performed for an empty theater yesterday.

Letterman and Jimmy Fallon both taped their episodes yesterday afternoon without an audience, trying to make the best of a scary and unfamiliar situation by cracking jokes.

"If I were home, I'd be boarding up your television sets, because this is the stuff that's gonna hurt somebody," Letterman said.

Jimmy Kimmel, who normally records his show in L.A., was set to air from Brooklyn all this week but has cancelled the tapings.

"Though it pains us to do it, JKLfrom #Brooklyn tonight is cancelled," Kimmel tweeted. "I'm disappointed too, but we want you to be safe."

Amanda Crum
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