David Letterman: Did He Really Spoil the Ending to The Dark Knight Rises?


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David Letterman may have dropped a bombshell about director Christopher Nolan's highly-anticipated motion picture "The Dark Knight Rises", which opens in North American theaters on July 20th. If you don't want to know anything about the movie, then I would advise you to skip out on this article right now. Seriously. Right now. Because there's going to be some discussion about Letterman's comment, which may or may not ruin the flick's finale.

I'm warning you one more time. Back off now.

Still with me? Okay. Well, Anne Hathaway made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman to promote the aforementioned superhero endeavor. During their discussion, Letterman reveals that he's seen the movie, and that, at the end of the film, "Batman is dead". The proclamation is immediately followed by a hushed silence, as if everyone is waiting for the punchline. Except there's no punchline. Hathaway, looking mildly horrified, breaks this awkward pause with "Daaaaave", which loosens up the audience a bit.

However, the question remains: Was Letterman telling the truth? Did he let it slip that Batman does, in fact, shuffle off his mortal coil by the end of "The Dark Knight Rises"? Or was Dave just being Dave? I always had a feeling Nolan would take the series in this direction, particularly after the announcement that he was delivering a trilogy. Knowing this information isn't going to ruin my enjoyment of the flick in the least, as I've always felt such an event would be a fitting end to the Nolan's run. Still, I can understand why it has ruffled so many feathers.

If you're curious to see Letterman's revelation for yourself, take a peek at the video embedded below. It's awkward and uncomfortable, but it's interesting nonetheless. After that, check out some very angry Twitter responses to clip.