David Cassidy Arrested for Drunk Driving--Again

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David Cassidy was arrested back in August as shown in the featured video for drunk driving. He was arrested in L.A. on Friday evening for drunk driving yet again. The 63-year-old singer and former star of The Partridge Family TV show blew a .19--which is twice the legal limit. He was administered an alcohol test by the California Highway Patrol.

"Cassidy was observed making a right turn on a red light, in violation of a black and white regulatory sign indicating, 'No Right Turn On Red,'" the CHP said.

The incident took place off the 405 Freeway, near the Los Angeles International Airport.

The officer reportedly noticed "the odor of an alcoholic beverage was emitting from the vehicle" when he approached David Cassidy in his rented Chevy Impala.

Cassidy was in New York when arrested back in August for drunk driving. He is a resident of Florida, and has been arrested for drunk driving there, too. It sounds like the former teen idol--known for hit songs like I Think I Love You--likely has a very serious drinking problem. Maybe a stint on Celebrity Rehab is in the cards?

Hopefully someone close to David Cassidy will step in and insist that the actor and singer get some help before he either kills someone in a drunk driving car accident or seriously harms himself.

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