David Boreanaz May Be Leaving "Bones" [UPDATE]


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It looks like fans of Fox's hit show Bones may never get the fairytale ending they've been hoping for Bones and Booth. According to Radar Online, a production source says that David Boreanaz, who plays Agent Seeley Booth on the show, wants to quit.

Before Bones fans get too bent out of shape, it's worth noting that this isn't the first time Boreanaz has scared the crap out of everyone who has been rooting for Booth and Bones. Back in 2012, Boreanaz made some posts on Twitter that suggested he was ready to move on from the show, which is now in its ninth season.

“Let's put this in sports terms. I'm a free agent after this season. So the Bones fair well tour is in full-swing. You must always keep your options open and ready for new challenges. The fear is the unknown and that’s exciting," Boreanaz said. He later deleted the posts.

The bulk of Boreanaz's acting career has consisted of playing two roles. He spent eight years as Angel, the vampire with a soul, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and then Angel, plus he has put in eight years on Bones so far. Considering that, it's not hard to understand why he'd be ready to move on.

Writers for Bones teased fans for years with a romantic relationship between Bones and Booth before finally getting the characters on the same page. After the two finally got together and had a baby, it seemed like things were going to work out. Booth later proposed, only to cancel the pending nuptials at the end of season eight after being threatened by a serial killer.

The wedding is back on now, and Bones and Booth will finally tie the knot in the October 21 episode, so the rumors about Boreanaz quitting couldn't come at a worse time for fans. The source did say that Emily Deschanel, who plays Bones, wanted to continue the show without Boreanaz, but it's hard to imagine Bones without Seeley Booth.

UPDATE: David Boreanaz responded to a fan question regarding whether he is leaving Bones on Twitter and says that he will be back if the show gets picked up for a tenth season.

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