David Beckham Plans To Bring Pro Soccer To Miami


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Move over Heat, Miami may be getting another team to root for, so basketball stars Lebron James and Dwayne Wade may have to share the spotlight a little. And why is that?

Because former professional soccer player David Beckham announced that he signed a shareholder's agreement to bring a new soccer team to the city of Miami, with his two business partners, business mogul Marcelo Claure and Simon Fuller, who's the creator of "American Idol."

In a press conference yesterday Beckham said he feels he's the perfect person to build a championship team and to make Miami a big time soccer city. "I have worked for some of the biggest clubs in the world, and some of the greatest players in the world and this is a dream," he said. "This is an exciting time for myself, exciting time for my family and friends and partners, and something we are really looking forward to bringing to Miami."

There's a good chance that many will agree that Beckham is the ideal person to bring a new soccer team to the South Florida city, since he brought a higher level of celebrity to the sport overall through endorsements and TV appearances. Plus, he's likely to get support from the locals of Miami, since he's made it known that he's going to fund the new stadium himself, as opposed to using public dollars.

"We don't want public funding," said Beckham. "We will fund the stadium ourselves. It's something that we have worked very hard to get to this stage, where we can fund the stadium ourselves. We've had some great work from the mayor and obviously the county commissioners. The support we've had so far is incredible. We want to create a stadium, a soccer team, a football club that is the people's football club. It is as simple as that."

Image via Wikimedia Commons