David Arquette Has Baby Name Nixed By Girlfriend


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In Hollywood it has become quite common for celebrities to create unique baby names for their future offspring. Pilot Inspektor, Audio Science, Moon Unit, or Blanket ringing any bells?

David Arquette was hoping to be no different than many of his colleagues, but it seems his pregnant girlfriend has other ideas.

In a recent interview Arquette admits that his girlfriend Christina McLarty has denied one of his name choices for their future baby boy.

"I did want to name him Astro," said Arquette. He added that he thought "Astro Arquette was an amazing name." Sadly for Arquette his name choice just "didn't fly" with McLarty.

The couple announced they were expecting in early November. Baby boy Arquette is expected to join the world in May.

Arquette's 10-year-old daughter Coco - with ex-wife Courtney Cox - is excited to be a big sister. According to the actor, Coco has only one demand, that her future baby brother "absolutely worships" her. "She was like, 'I'm gonna be fine with it as long as he worships me.' She actually said that," said Arquette.

Speaking of Cox, Arquette took his turn at saying nothing but kind words about his ex-wife recently and her new boyfriend, rocker Johnny McDaid.

While on the Wendy Williams Show Monday, Arquette said, "He's amazing. Great guy." He added, "My whole thing is that, he's a great man and to have someone kind, that you trust around your kid is the most important part."

Since the pair divorced in 2013 they have done a great job of showing how civil two people should be after a divorce, especially when children are involved. He said Cox is "an amazing mother and a dear friend. We are great co-parenters together."

Arquette stars in the upcoming Lifetime movie, Happy Face Killer, which premieres this Saturday, March 1 at 8:00 pm. Arquette plays serial killer Keith Jesperson

You can watch Arquette's interview on the Wendy Williams Show in the video below.

Image via YouTube.