Darth Maul Will be in 'Angry Birds Star Wars 2'


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There are only two more days until the release of Angry Birds Star Wars 2, and developer Rovio is still teasing new characters for the game. For the past two weeks, Star Wars characters ranging from General Grievous to Jar Jar Binks have been previewed.

Today Rovio introduced Darth Maul to the Angry Birds Star Wars franchise. The Sith apprentice will, of course, use his double-bladed lightsaber to slice through just about anything in his way. Darth Maul actually got two separate teaser trailers today, one with gameplay and the other a silly animated introduction:

The only other character announcement today is a generic Battle Droid, like the ones seen in the Star Wars prequels. It uses a simple blaster to cause havoc and also has a short float maneuver: