Darren Wilson Named As Ferguson Cop Who Killed Mike Brown

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After a week of protest and controversy, the man thought to have caused it all by shooting unarmed Ferguson teen Mike Brown was finally identified Friday morning.

During a press conference, Chief Thomas Jackson informed the public that the officer who killed Brown is named Darren Wilson. According to Jackson, Wilson had served with the FPD for six years.

Perhaps in an effort to offer the freshly identified man the benefit of the doubt, it was noted that he’d not had any disciplinary actions taken against him in the past.

Since the Saturday shooting, Wilson has been on administrative leave. One imagines he’s quite possibly as far out of the way as possible considering the outrage.

The police department did not accept questions from reporters about the shooting or the manner in which they handled the resulting unrest.

Instead, the police handed out copies of the police report as to what they say happened on the day Brown was fatally shot.

According to the police, Brown was the suspect in a robbery. He was approached because he fit the description of the robber.

While this may explain the reason Brown would have been apprehended alive, it does not exactly explain how an unarmed suspect is shot multiple times by a Ferguson police officer.

As for Wilson, he has yet to step forward and give his side of the story, though he may be forced to do so after having been identified.

Those who criticized the shooting, the police treatment of protesters, and the harassment of journalists, will likely want their questions and concerns answered in the coming days.

This police report leaves much to be desired in the way of sensible answers.

Does The Fact That Mike Brown Was A Robbery Suspect Change Your Opinion As To Whether Or Not The Shooting Was Justified? Comment Below!

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