'Danzig Getting Knocked Out' Is Still Recommended Viewing Like A Decade Later

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Roughly a decade ago, a famous video hit the web featuring Glenn Danzig getting knocked out by the guy from the Northside Kings. If you're reading this article, you're probably familiar with it or have at least heard of it.

A couple years ago, the guy that punched him talked to Vice about it.

Now, Danzig is in the news because he's suing former bandmate Jerry Only over some lame Misfits merchandise that Danzig never signed off on (they had an agreement that all merch would require the approval of both men).

Anyway, Danzig enthusiasts (yes, my dog is named after him), who see stories about him on Facebook, for example, are still being encouraged to view this classic piece of Internet nostalgia.

A lesson in how your reputation on the Internet follows you for a really long time.

It doesn't help when Google returns images like this for a simple name search either.

The knockout video somehow manages to stay off the first page of search results, though Google does treat searchers to a video called "Glenn Danzig is an Asshole" as the sixth organic result.

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