Daniel Radcliffe Soaking Wet, If You're Into That


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If you're looking to see a bald Daniel Radcliffe get soaked with water, well, you came to the right place.

The Harry Potter star visited The Tonight Show this week and agreed to play one of Jimmy Fallon's wettest games – Water War.

It's where they play the card game war, and whoever loses a hand gets a cup of water poured over their head.

It's ice cold water, apparently. Check it out:

So, why the shaved head?

"I just finished filming a movie called Imperium, where I play an FBI agent who goes undercover with a lot of Nazis, to put it bluntly. So that's why I have a shaved head."

So, why not let it grow back?

"Everyone who's done this has told me there is a stage of regrowth in between getting back to normal hair where you kind of just look like a toothbrush ... so I feel like, I'm on a press tour at the moment and I don't really want to treat you all to that, so I've just kept shaving it."

Radcliffe is also about to get his own star on the Hollywood Walks of Fame.