Dana White: Too Good At Gambling Says Palms Resort & Casino

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UFC president Dana White is not ashamed to admit that gambling is one of his favorite hobbies. He will also tell you that he is good at it and often wins. While you would think most casinos would open their doors for someone so eager to play, the Palms Resort and Casino has asked him to stop playing.

In March, White won $2 million from the casino and ever since then, he claims that they have been limiting his bets and action. White usually plays at $25,000 a hand, but the casino has asked that he lower that to only $5,000 a hand.

White is upset by their request and is now refusing to gamble at the Palms Resort and Casino.

He says that almost all of the casinos in Vegas have the same feelings as the Palms and that there are only a few places where he will consider gambling.

"Casinos don't want to gamble anymore. They're all owned by hedge funds and corporations. They want to stack the odds so much against you that you won't play. Realistically, there's only one place to play left in town. That's Caesars. They will let you play what you want to play. No messing around with limits," he said.

White says that even though he will not gamble at the Palms Resort and Casino any longer, he will continue to eat at their popular N9ne Steakhouse, where he has been known to tip staff $10,000 on a $10,000 tab.

Many people have accused White of having a gambling problem, but he says this is not true and that although he loves to gamble, it is not the top priority in his life and does not interfere with other things that he considers more important, including his family and his job.

Do you think White has a gambling addiction and is it fair for the Palms Resort and Casino to ask him to lower his bets?

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