Dan Bilzerian Arrested For Attempting To Make a Bomb

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Dan Bilzerian, the social media celebrity who’s known as “The King of Instagram”, was arrested on December 9 after landing at LAX. According to the LAPD, Bilzerian was picked up on an out-of-state warrant which was issued in Clark County, Nevada. He is facing charges of possessing and manufacturing explosive illegal devices. On November 13, a criminal complaint was filed accusing him of possessing ammonium and aluminum powder as well an ammonium nitrate mix. When the three ingredients are mixed together, it could result in a bomb that acts like pure TNT.

Bilzerian was initially held without bail, but was eventually released. According to the LA Times, Bilzerian’s attorney was able to get the arrest warrant recalled through the Nevada state courts system. Due to the fact that Bilzerian is facing charges in Nevada and not California, the police couldn’t keep him locked up behind bars. Bilzerian was charged alongside Jeremy David Guymon in the case and the two are expected to appear in a Las Vegas court on January 9 for their arraignment.

Shopping for winter accessories... Gun by: Kriss, Jacket by: who gives a fuck

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In an attempt to appear more sophisticated, I rented this suit for the day

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While Bilzerian is free for now, his legal troubles are far from over. A lawsuit was filed against Bilzerian by Vanessa Castano, who claims that he kicked her in the face while wearing military boots. The incident happened while the social media star was onstage at a Miami nightclub called LIV. According to reports, Bilzerian kicked Castano because she was blocking him as he was trying to help another woman get on the stage.

Dan Bilzerian made a name for himself after amassing more than 5.7 million followers on the social networking site, Instagram. He’s been known to document his lavish lifestyle, with his Instagram account containing countless pictures of scantily clad models, an arsenal of weapons, as well as his collection of yachts and an assortment of vehicles.

I'm no lawyer, but I think she's legally mine...

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Networking at #ComicCon

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