Dan Aykroyd On a New Mission from God; Launches New Label

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He's on a mission from God.

Dan Aykroyd is not sitting still. Recently we talked about how Dan Aykroyd is involved with Ivan Reitman in the setup of Ghost Corps, the Sony Pictures division that will oversee a whole new franchise launch of Ghostbusters movies, including as many as four films already on the drawing board, television expansion, and merchandising. The project aims to do for the Ghostbusters brand what Marvel has accomplished with the Avengers-related series of films and shows.

But Aykroys isn't stopping there. On the heels of his appearance at the SNL 40th Anniversary Special, the man whose alter-ego is Elwood Blues has announced the launch of a new record label, Blues Brothers Records.

The label is a partnership with John Belushi's widow Judy and will be an arm of Blue Note Records. They aim to sign new and existing blues artists, perhaps even including some combos with popular artists of today. Aykroyd told Billboard:

"And a lot has to do with crossover. Jack White and Aerosmith have done blues records. After I saw Miley Cyrus on Saturday Night Live, I could hear her doing Lightnin' Hopkins with that growling voice. By working with a first-class producer in Don [Was] and using BluesMobile to help sell, there's a good shot at getting some traction."

The BluesMobile that Aykroyd refers to is a syndicated radio show that he has hosted as Elwood Blues for 22 years. It is named after the "shitbox Dodge" decommissioned police car from the first Blues Brothers movie.

If Aykroyd has his way, he could very well end up proving himself wrong. Back in 1978, on the seminal Blues Brothers live album Briefcase Full of Blues, Aykroyd predicted the future in a dark tone:

"Well here it is, the late 1970s, going on 1985. You know so much of the music we hear today is pre-programmed, electronic disco. We never get a chance to hear master bluesmen practicing their craft anymore. By the year 2006 the music known today as the blues will exist only in the classical records department of your local public libraries."

As for the depth of his own involvement in the label, especially considering his new commitments to Ghostbusters, Aykroyd says he will "lay back and suggest things and let Don do what he does best for the first year or two. But who's to say? I always want to find the next Gary Clark Jr."

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