Dallas Cowboys Sued Over Butt-Burning Benches

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In strange lawsuit news of the day, a Texas woman has filed suit against the Dallas Cowboys organization and team owner Jerry Jones after she fried her posterior on a sizzling-hot bench outside the Cowboys Stadium.

Jennelle Carrillo claims that an overheated black marble bench and negligence by the organization led to a severe burn on her backside:

"The bench was uncovered and openly exposed to the extremely hot August sun. The combination of the nature of the black, marble bench and hot sunlight caused the bench to become extremely hot and unreasonable dangerous," says the suit. “She sat down on this black bench, outside an entrance and unfortunately she suffered third-degree burns as a result of it and had subsequent skin grafts.”

According to Carrillo, the burn occurred in August of 2010 during the Cowboys' annual Blue and Silver scrimmage. It was quite the scorcher that day, according to records. Though it's not a surprise that it was hot in Dallas in August, the suit claims that temperatures hit triple digits on that particular day.

Carrillo claims that she was given no warning of the potential damage that could be caused by sitting on the hot bench. She's claiming physical pain and disfigurement, as well as mental anguish as a result of the incident.

Now, we're not going to pass judgement on her case or her claim in general. A lawsuit like this is somewhat reminiscent of a famous case involving a woman who sued McDonalds over hot coffee. Her story became a punchline for jokes about legal frivolousness and the bloated civil system. But later reports revealed that her claim probably wasn't as ridiculous as popular history remembers it.

But do we really need places to post warning signs about how things can get hot when it's really hot outside?

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