Dallas Cowboys Bounce Back In Week Two


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If you hate the Cowboys and were hoping for a repeat of their season opener, well you were in for quite a disappointing affair on Sunday.

The Dallas team had no intention of being embarrassed yet again this week.

The team wanted to avoid an ugly 0-2 start to the season, which would have marked the worst beginning for the Dallas Cowboys since 2010.

This game allowed the Dallas defense to shine. It boasted two sacks and two interceptions. The defensive players helped earn 10 crucial points, keeping the visitors comfortably ahead of the Titans.

Tennessee didn’t get on the board until the third quarter. The Titans earned 10 points, but were otherwise barely in the game.

An unexpectedly dominant Dallas team kept them quiet all game long, even wrapping up their win with an additional three points in the fourth quarter.

The game would end 26-10.

It was a particularly disappointing turn of events for Ken Whisenhunt, as the upset marked the first year coach’s home debut.

Well, if the Cowboys can recover from that humiliating first week showing, it's highly likely Whistenhunt and his Titans team can dust themselves off and recover during Week 3.

What was especially impressive were the Dallas Cowboys fans. Yes, Cowboys fans actually showed up!

In the closing minutes of the victorious game, they were heard chanting for their team.

It was certainly a welcome gesture after people began to wonder if the long-suffering fans would bother with the struggling Cowboys this season.

Having said that, away support tends to be a bit more tenacious than the home crowd. We will see if Dallas fans have it in them to turn up to home games this season.

Hopefully we won’t see a wall of away team colors at the Cowboys stadium this season.