Dakota Johnson: Having Famous Parents (Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson) Comes With A Price

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Dakota Johnson grew up with famous parents. Dad Don Johnson was the very sexy star of Miami Vice in the 1980s, and recently starred in Blood and Oil on ABC. Mom Melanie Griffith has long been a film star, playing roles in Working Girl, Body Double, The Bonfire of the Vanities, Paradise, and Now and Then, to name just a few.

During a recent interview with Net-A-Porter's digital magazine The Edit, Dakota Johnson explained how she often spent time on sets where her parents were working, and while that could be very exciting, it could make her very uncomfortable, too.

“I was around for a lot of it and I would watch them,” the Fifty Shades of Grey star shared. “But there were things I could see that I didn’t want to, like watch my parents have sex with other people.”

Also recalling a moment of on-set violence, Dakota Johnson was a bit unnerved by that as well.

"And there was a scene where my mom got slapped in the face,” she said. “I lost my mind! I couldn’t deal with that at all.”

Dakota Johnson likely understands then just how difficult it was for her mom, Melanie Griffith's, initial refusal to watch her in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Something else Johnson is having some trouble with is the lack of privacy that accompanies her job as a film star.

“It almost feels like a free-for-all nowadays,” she explains. “There’s no more mystery, no more elegancy. The Golden Globes, for example, used to be so special. It was a time when you got to see your favorite people, who were making your favorite movies, all interacting with each other; having some witty banter, being enticing and charming. You didn’t see any actors unless they were on the red carpet; they weren’t publicly photographed all the time. Now anyone can take my picture, and I can take anyone’s picture, at any moment. I feel like something has been lost.”

If you weighed the odds of having famous parents like Dakota Johnson, would the sex scenes you'd occasionally see make it worth giving up the notoriety?

How difficult do you suppose living in the limelight, the way Dakota Johnson does, might suit you? Do you expect you'd get sick of the lack of privacy, too?

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