Dakota Johnson: From 'Fifty Shades' to Whitey Bulger?

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Dakota Johnson is in talks to star opposite Johnny Depp in an upcoming film about Whitey Bulger. Black Mass will reportedly tell the story of the Boston mobster and FBI informant. If the talks work out for all involved, Johnson will start filming Black Mass once filming for Fifty Shades of Grey wraps.

Not all of the roles have been cast yet for Black Mass. Depp will reportedly play Bulger. Dakota Johnson will probably play the role of Lindsey, the mother of Bulger's son Douglas. Joel Edgarton seems to be a definite in the role of FBI agent John Connelly. Connelly was Whitey Bulger's childhood friend who wound up tipping Bulger off as the Feds neared closing in on him. Connelly served time in prison for his role in the case.

Whitey Bulger was on the lam for 19 years before being tracked down in California in 2011. He is now serving time in a Federal prison for several charges.

Guy Pearce is set to play the role of Whitey Bulger's brother Bill, who was the president of the Massachusetts Senate and a big Boston power broker.

Since the Whitey Bulger story is true, it will be very interesting to see how close to the truth the film remains. Many people in the Boston area claim he was responsible for the deaths of their loved ones, although proof was never determined. There could be some controversy if the film doesn't mirror at least a portion of the truth.

Not much is known about Lindsey, the mother of Whitey Bulger's son--at least not publicly. It will be interesting to see how Dakota Johnson portrays her in the film, if she does in fact take the role.

It's not surprising that a new film is being made about the Whitey Bulger case. There are no doubt lots of stories within his sordid tale that have yet to be shared, and that typically translates into intrigue once a film hits the big screen.

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