Dad Disowns Daughter After She Rejects Gay Kid: Read the Letter

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While it's not uncommon to hear of a parent disowning their kid for coming out as gay, it is unusual to hear of a grandparent disowning their adult child for rejecting a gay grandchild. This is exactly what happened, though, according to a letter that was posted online.

A man wrote his daughter, identified as Christine, a scathing letter after she kicked out his grandson for coming out as gay. The woman apparently referred to her son as an "abomination" and said that his lifestyle goes "against nature.", a website that promotes gay rights with its clever t-shirts, posted the letter below to their Facebook page. According to Yahoo, FCKH8 spokesperson Luke Montgomery confirmed that the letter is real.

Dear Christine,

I’m disappointed in you as a daughter. You’re correct that we have a “shame in the family”, but mistaken about what it is. Kicking Chad out of your home simply because he told you he was gay is the real “abomination” here. A parent disowning her child is what goes “against nature.” The only intelligent thing I heard you saying in all this was that “you didn’t raise your son to be gay." Of course you didn’t. He was born this way and didn’t choose it any more than he being left-handed. You however, have made a choice of being hurtful, narrow-minded and backward. So, while we are in the business of disowning our children, I think I’ll take this moment to say goodbye to you. I now have a fabulous (as the gays put it) grandson to raise, and I don’t have time for heart-less B-word of a daughter. If you find your heart, give us a call. – Dad.

So far the letter has received more than 15,000 likes on Facebook, where many posters have responded in a positive way. Ernie Nelson-Truk said, "Good job, Grandpa. I am a veteran, and, part of the reason I served was to support the rights of EVERYONE in this country. I applaud your guts in making, what had to be, a VERY tough decision. I am also straight, but I support a persons right to be who they are."

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