Cynthia Bailey Won’t Work For A Friendship With Nene Leakes


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Cynthia Bailey and Nene Leakes seemed like really good friends. Unfortunately, the pressure of reality television got to them and they were soon feuding along with the rest of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast.

Bailey said that although she and Nene once had a great friendship, she isn’t interested in working to keep it going but she does want to bury the hatchet and at least move on from hating each other.

"Once you're actually face to face with someone, it's hard to stay mad at someone you really cared about—at least for me," she told E! News. "I don't foresee us being BFF's again. But I would love to see Nene and I in a place where we're cordial and we have respect for each other and we can have a good time together. I miss having fun with her. But we're not at that place yet."

She went on to say that their fight has changed things and she doesn’t think they will ever get back to where they were before their feud.

"My friendship with NeNe just took a lot of time and energy," she said. "We were really friends. We really hung out together outside of the show, we really talked on the phone several times a day. I'm not going to say my marriage is better because she's not in it, my focus has changed. My focus is back on my family and on my husband. So yes, I'm definitely happier, my husband is happier, my whole family is happier. Going forward I won't put that much energy into another friendship again. It was just too much."

Do you think Cynthia and Nene will ever be friends again?