Cute "Geep" Baby Awes And Bewilders

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Adorable baby Butterfly is not a goat and she’s not a sheep. She’s actually a “geep”, and her rare parentage has led to quite a bit of attention for the youngster.

Butterfly, named so because of the pattern of spots on her body, has a pygmy goat for a dad and sheep for a mom (goat + sheep = "geep").

Born at My Petting Zoo in Scottsdale, Arizona, Butterfly arrived unexpectedly.

According to Priscilla Motola, the owner of the petting zoo, no one even knew that the mother sheep was pregnant.

“We don’t [have a male sheep] who could get her pregnant right now,” said Motola.

Motola said they noticed the ewe getting larger, but with a lack of male sheep around, there was no reason to suspect that she was carrying a baby, let alone a geep.

Motola owns a male goat name Michael, who was quickly identified as the father of the baby geep.

As a geep, Butterfly possesses traits that she inherited from both her mother and father. Butterfly has the hooves and face of a goat, but she will have wool like her mother.

How awesome is that?

Butterfly is described by Motola as a “very active and friendly” youngster. The tiny geep is still nursing, and is also eager to nibble at the fingers of visitors (Aww!)

Meanwhile, mama sheep is especially protective of her rare offspring. The fact that the father is a goat doesn’t seem to have diminished her maternal instincts in the slightest.

Butterfly is the only known geep in the entire state of Arizona, and there are likely only a few other geeps walking around in the world right now.

As with most cross-bred animals, intentionally or otherwise, Butterfly will likely be sterile when she grows up.

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