Crystal Renn Says Schools Should Teach Meditation


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Crystal Renn is passionate about Yoga. So passionate, that she said if she had three wishes she would use one of them to wish that Yoga and meditation were taught in school.

"I would wish that yoga, meditation, and agriculture were classes taught in schools because I believe that to be a sound foundation for anyone," she said.

The model believes that meditation can help children deal with stress and concentrate better and said that she uses the disciplines of Yoga and meditation every day.

Renn is also passionate about the environment and said that if everyone worked together, we could create a better world.

"My second wish would be that we live in an eco-friendly environment where we would use resources in a sustainable way and it would be the norm. Think of beauty to include all varieties of race, age, gender as a norm. We must constantly challenge ourselves to think differently, and pass judgement less," she said.

She didn't share her third wish, but she did say that she is very passionate about her career and everything it has taught her and allowed her to experience.

"I always encourage women to learn how to travel, go to the cinema and dine on their own. It is a fast track to becoming more confident and self-reliant," she advised. "As a model I have been challenged to do that regularly, and it has made a huge difference in my life."

Renn has traveled the world and has often had to explore it on her own. She said that she enjoys taking photos of all the places she has traveled and may someday want to become a photographer herself. It might be interesting to see how she does on the other side of the camera.

Image via Wikimedia Commons