Crysis 3 Multiplayer Detailed in New Trailer


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There's no doubt that Crysis 3 will look very pretty. CryEngine 3.4.0 was announced in April, with expanded DirectX 11 features, meaning the game's developers will have had almost a year to perfect its graphical look by the time it is released in February 2013.

Once gamers get over the visuals, though, they are going to actually want to play the game. Crytek released a short teaser trailer featuring some quick-cuts of gameplay footage, but aside from an interactive gameplay trailer, info on the gameplay, especially the multiplayer, has been sparse. Even the pre-order bonuses were outlined before much was known about the game.

Today, Crytek released a walkthrough trailer in which Crytek Producer Mike Read shows players the new multiplayer experience in Crysis 3. The highlights include Hunter mode, Crash-Site mode, and the fact that the game will support up to 12 simultaneous players on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, and up to 16 players on PC.