Cruise Ship Bus Breaks Down: The Nightmare Won't End

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For thousands of passengers on the Carnival cruise line that had to be towed to shore this week, a vacation turned into a miserable, stinky experience that ended after five long days when the ship made it to shore in Mobile, Alabama.

But for some, the horrible week just won't end. Passengers from the ship were given the option to either board a bus to be ferried to New Orleans or Houston--where they could find a hotel room if necessary--or to be put up in a hotel in Mobile to wait for friends or family to come pick them up. Those who chose to go to Houston were not happy early this morning when their bus broke down on the side of the road for nearly an hour.

“My son Jacob and I, when we pulled over and realized the bus was broken, we just started laughing,” passenger Clark Jones said. “People were giggling. Other people were not happy at all. I don’t know what you can do about that. Buses break down all the time, probably more often than ships do.”

Jones also tweeted a photo from aboard the miserable bus.


The ordeal was over after a new bus came along to pick up the stranded passengers, but for most, it couldn't have come soon enough. Carnival has reportedly reimbursed each passenger for their trip and handed out free vouchers for another cruise, although it's doubtful many will take them up on the offer.

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