Crop Circles In Germany: Who Made Them?


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Crop circles have been turning up in fields across the world for centuries. Some of them have been proven as hoaxes but many others are unexplained.

Since crop circles are usually arranged in elaborate patterns, designs and strange symbols, many people believe that they are made by UFO’s or beings from another planet. Some people have even suggested that the crop circles may be a type of written language or a warning of impending doom.

Many people have tried to decipher the meaning of certain crop circle symbols and patterns and although there are many theories on their meanings and on how they are made, no theory has ever been proven.

A farmer’s field in Germany is the location of a new crop circle and it is attracting thousands of tourists. People are anxious to see the crop circle for themselves and many people even sing, dance and perform rituals in the circle.

The farmer claims that he did not make the crop circle himself and did not see anything suspicious in or around the field around the time the crop circle was created. He does not think the crop circle was made by extraterrestrials, but rather ornery college students instead.

The amount of tourists that are flocking to the crop circle is getting to be too much for the farmer to handle and he is not sure how long he will leave it in his field. Many people are hoping that scientists will study the crop circle to see how it was made or if they can find any traces of suspicious materials or elements that may have been left behind by a UFO or otherworldly being.

Others are hoping that someone will come forward and admit that the crop circle was made as a hoax or joke and put an end to the madness.

Who do you think is responsible for the crop circles in Germany?

Image via Wikimedia Commons