Crocodile Under Bed: Nightmare Comes True For Man

Amanda CrumLife

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A crocodile found a nice warm spot to curl up in recently after getting out of the chilly rain; unfortunately for Guy Whitall, that nice warm spot was beneath his bed.

40-year old Whitall--a director at the Humani lodge in Zimbabwe-- says he slept all night with the croc under his bed and never knew anything was amiss until the maid came in the next morning and made the discovery.

"The really disconcerting thing about the whole episode is the fact that I was sitting on the edge of the bed that morning, bare foot and just centimetres away from the croc," Whitall said.

As for how the reptile went unnoticed for so long, Whitall says that's just what they do.

"Crocodiles are experts at hiding, that's why they have survived on Earth for so long and why they are the ultimate killers in water.They know how to keep quiet and go unnoticed, it's in their nature. The crocodile came from the Turgwe River which is a couple of kilometres from the house. They often wander about the bush especially when it's cold and raining. I think he liked it under the bed because it was warm," he said.

With the help of some coworkers, Whitall was able to rope in the croc and take it outside, where it was released into Humani's Chigwidi dam. Whitall says he has no doubt that other residents will be checking under their beds before they go to sleep from now on.

Amanda Crum
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