Cristin Milioti Has Been Chosen To Star In NBC Pilot "A To Z"


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While she does not have a recognizable name to most people yet, Cristin Milioti has probably been seen by many people already. After receiving a small but iconic role in the CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother as "The Mother," she has landed a role in an upcoming NBC show.

She will be the star of A To Z, a show that is being produced by Rashida Jones, who is known for playing Ann Perkins on the hit NBC comedy Parks And Recreation. Jones will executive produce the show along with Will McCormack, and Ben Queen, who also wrote the pilot.

After eight seasons of anticipation, it was finally unveiled that Cristin Milioti would be playing Mrs. Ted Moseby.

How I Met Your Mother will finally be wrapping up its ninth and final season on March 31st, and will make way for a spin-off series titled How I Met Your Dad.

The show has yet to announce the name of her character on the show, and Milioti has admitted that even she has no idea what her name is.

The spin-off recently cast Greta Gerwig as the star, who has been gaining momentum from the success of her last film, Frances Ha.

The new comedy A To Z will follow the relationship of a young couple, Andrew and Zelda, from the time that they meet until their breakup. Milioti will play Zelda, a lawyer at a small, public advocacy firm who is the realist in the relationship.

According to the casting description, "Alternately serious and hilarious, Zelda loves being a grown-up and doesn’t understand why anyone over 20 would go see an animated movie or eat ice cream sundaes. Destiny and fate are not in her vocabulary; she believes she controls her own destiny.”

In addition to How I Met Your Mother, Crisitn Milioti had a role in The Wolf Of Wall Street, and has appeared in select episodes of other popular shows such as 30 Rock and Nurse Jackie. She also earned a Tony nomination for her role in the Broadway adaptation of Once.

While she only had the opportunity of being on How I Met Your Mother for one season, Cristin Milioti has already landed her next gig.

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