Cristin Milioti Addresses HIMYM Theory About The Mother [Video]

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After nine emotional and hilarious seasons, CBS' flagship comedy How I Met Your Mother is coming to an end. Ted's future wife has finally been revealed, but fans have still not been given her name.

At the end of last season, fans were finally given a glimpse of "The Mother," and Cristin Milioti's character has been introduced to each of the main characters throughout the current season.

Several clues have been dropped lately involving the future fate of "The Mother," and fans have gone a bit wild with the theories according to some people, but some people have the idea that Cristin Miliioti's character is dead.

For those that do not watch the show, it focuses on a father telling his kids the story of how he met their mother in the year 2020, with the past nine seasons being one long flashback of his dating life, and living with his friends in New York City.

Fans have been given good reason to believe in the tragic fate of "The Mother," and the latest episode only helped to confirm those theories, with an incredibly emotional future scene between Ted and "The Mother."

However, in a recent interview, Cristin Milioti has attempted to debunk these theories, claiming that the theory is insane. She was a bit put off by the idea that this show could end on such a dark note, and instead says that "They've had this vision for nine years, and it's in great hands."

Although she does say that the theory is insane and that "there are some crazy conspiracy theories, which really makes me love the fans more... That is so crazy," fans of the show will also note that she did not exactly deny that she died.

Fans of Cristin Milioti's performance in the past season will want to check out her next project called A To Z, a comedy on NBC, which will be produced by Parks And Recreation's Rashida Jones.

How crazy of an idea is it though? The show's creators seem to have been hinting at it throughout the series, and the current season especially. Fans will have to stay tuned for the next few episodes in order to see what Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have in store for the viewers.

Cristin Milioti, who is a new addition to the show, said that the finale is beautiful, and that it has been planned out for a long time, with no other alternate endings planned.

The first of the final four episodes of How I Met Your Mother aired last Monday, and will continue tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS. There are only two more episodes to go before the hour-long, emotional series finale, which will air on March 31.

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