Crip Walk Dance: Does It Belong At The Olympics?


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The Crip Walk. It's a dance move that originated in the 1970s from the infamous Crip gang. It has since taken on some mainstream popularity, but its origins have never truly been forgotten. That's why the response has been divided ever since the dance has entered the Olympic stage.

Serena Williams, star tennis player, was the second woman to earn a career Golden Slam in Singles according to E! Online. She is also the first woman to earn the Golden Slam in singles and doubles. Add on the fact that she won the gold in Singles at the Olympics and you can see why she was so excited. That excitement is what led to her becoming the first person to reportedly perform the Crip Walk at the Olympics.

While some people feel that the dance disrespects the Olympic spirit, most of the response from the viewership has been nothing but positive. Even Snoop Dogg Lion congratulated Williams on the win and the dance:

The other responses on Twitter were just as supportive:

[Lead Image: Black Media Scoop]