Cressida Bonas And Prince Harry: Are They Official?

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Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry have been rumored to be a couple for several months now and although they have been seen out on dates numerous times, neither of them have ever confirmed their relationship or made it official, until now. Cressida and Harry finally made their first official public appearance as a couple and both seemed happy to be with each other.

The couple attended the Free The Children event. Free The Children is an organization dedicated to ending hunger worldwide. Harry spoke at the event and joked and laughed with the crowd throughout his speech. Although Cressida and Harry arrived at the event separately, they met up after Harry's speech and were inseparable during the rest of the event.

Meeting up at a big event may not seem like the kind of thing to make a couple official, but when you are a member of the royal family, you don't take girls you aren't serious about to major events. Harry bringing Cressida to the Free The Children event and staying so close with her afterwards means that she is the kind of girl he can go to public events with and be proud to show off.

Harry and Cressida have been together for a while and friends close to the couple have said over and over again that they seem extremely happy and good for each other. These same friends however, seemed to have mixed opinions about how serious the couple was.

Some said that Harry had come on too strong and that Cressida wasn't ready for anything serious and others claimed that the couple was talking wedding bells and babies.

Regardless of what the future holds for the couple, it's likely Cressida will be around for a while and if things continue to stay as good as they are now, there may be another royal wedding in the near future.

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