Crash Blamed On Zombies, Driver Was Hallucinating


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What's the first thing we usually blame a crash on? Perhaps the driver was under the influence, or maybe even texting. In one case, however, the cause was a little more terrifying, at least for the driver.

CNN reports that Jerimiah Clyde Hartline, 19, caused a major crash in Southern California after the stolen semi-trailer truck he was driving slammed into a number of vehicles. Hartline says his erratic driving that caused the crash was the result of him trying to shake off zombies that were clinging to the vehicle.

The police say that Hartline was under the influence of a substance that caused the zombie hallucinations. As he was trying to shake off the imaginary zombies, Hartline collided with a Toyota Tacoma than then collided with 4Runner, and so on. As is the case with these kind of collisions, a number of vehicles were involved. There were thankfully no deaths, but the police say those in the Tacoma were "seriously injured."

So, how did all this happen in the first place? Police say that Hartline, originally from Tennessee, was traveling with Daniel Martinez, the truck driver, after he had been kicked out of his home. As the truck made a scheduled stop in California, Hartline stole the vehicle as Martinez was filling out paperwork.

After the crash, Hartline hopped into a white van demanding that be taken elsewhere. The driver held him until police could arrest him. He was charged with taking a vehicle without the owner's consent and receiving known stolen property.