Crappy Stock Photography Gets the Anthem It Deserves

Josh WolfordLife

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In my job and many jobs like it, stock photography is one of those necessary evils. Sure, the images are corny and contrived, but sometimes you just gotta use them.

Often, we will spend time browsing stock photo services, simply looking for the most ridiculous images available. Seriously, if you have access to any stock photo service, it's worth your time. See how many dude-in-a-suit-with-his-legs-propped-up-on-his-desk-talking-on-the-phone photos you can find. Then, work your way to photos of women happily eating salad. Be careful, though - it's a timesuck.

That's why this song is so hilarious to me. Hopefully, you'll find it just as funny.

[Bob Sleigh via BuzzFeed]
Josh Wolford
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