Could Your Daily Commute Be Killing You?


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Nobody likes the drive to work. Every day millions of people wait through seemingly endless traffic, and what is the reward? Another day at work.

The average person spends 38 minutes a day in the car getting to and from work. That's 165 hours a year, of your life, wasted away behind the wheel.

And look at what it's doing to us. People with long commutes worry more, dreading the next days ride to work. So much so that it can effect things like your marriage. People with long commutes are more likely to get divorced.

As people's commute to work gets longer, their life gets shorter. Health problems like back pain, high colesterol, obesity and poor sleep patterns can all be directly linked to a long commute.

The only solution seems to be to just move closer to work. Reducing your commute can lower these risk factors by a significant amount.

Yeeah, it's kinda like this...