Cops Bust Up House Party Because Of...Steve Jobs?

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It sounds like something from a sitcom; something cute but not without humor which isn't afraid to poke fun of itself a little bit. "Suburgatory", perhaps?

Nevertheless, it's true: a woman called the cops to bust up a house party in Holmby Hills, CA last weekend after it got so loud in her neighborhood that she couldn't enjoy her copy of the Steve Jobs biography.

The party began when cops broke up the first one, which was in Beverly Hills. People migrated to Holmby Hills and, by ten thirty, the party was going so strong there were at least 500 kids making their presence known. The neighbor, Mindy Newman, called police twice to come bring the peace, requesting full riot gear.

Newman told the L.A. Times that the crowd that formed in the street was like "a swarm of bees". "They were coming in cars. They were coming in cabs."

Police successfully broke up the party within the hour, but not without a protest.

"...All these kids’ iPhones were like torches and they were waving them and singing, '... the police,' '... the police.' I was thinking, 'I don’t think Steve Jobs would like his iPhone to be used in that way," Newman told the Times.

Several party-goers were cited for curfew violations and possession of marijuana, but the night ended without any major incidents...except for Newman, who didn't even get to finish her book.

Amanda Crum
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