Connecticut Dropout Makes Bizarre Bomb Threat Hoax

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For one Milford, Conn. dropout, the attempt to avoid facing the music went horribly, horribly wrong.

Danielle Shea of Quincy, Mass. had a secret that she'd been keeping: She had dropped out of college and would not be graduating with her class.

Apparently she was too ashamed to admit this to her family. That and the fact that she pocked thousands of dollars worth of tuition money rather than put it towards her education.

Shea put off explaining her dropout status to her family for as long as possible. Which, as it turned out, was graduation day. Shea showed up in a lovely blue and white dress and with her cap and gown.

When her relatives pointed out that her name was missing from the list of graduates, Shea didn't burst into tears and explain that she wasn't graduating after all. Instead, the 22-year-old called in two bomb threats to the Quinnipiac University library.

Shea was certain that this would get the ceremony cancelled and help her avoid a confrontation. Instead the event was delayed by 90 minutes and moved a mile away.

Authorities identified Shea as the source of the bomb threat and she was arrested and led away while wearing her cap and gown. Shea "walked" for her family, but it would be a walk of shame she took on Sunday evening.

Shea is a sad example of what happens when you naively think bomb threats will somehow help you solve your school-related problems. No, you'll just wind up in jail. In Shea's case, on a $20,000 bond.

She's scheduled to appear in court on May 30th. Hopefully Shea used the one phone call to properly explain to her mother why and how she dropped out of college.

I'm sure many of you understand what it means to feel the pressure of familial expectations. Sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail big time.

However, even in the face of failure you should feel that your family will love you anyway...or at least prefer a conversation about why you didn't graduate college over a bomb threat hoax!

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